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Frequently Asked Question

Q: How long has Building Concepts been in business?

A: Founded in 1991 Building Concepts has been in business for 20 years!


Q: What types of projects do you specialize in?

A: Full scale residential remodeling including kitchens, bathrooms, finished basements, room additions, general maintanence, and handyman work.


Q: Do you charge a fee for the first meeting?

A: No. The purpose of the first meeting is to formulate your project needs, develop a budget, and discuss project feasibility.

Q: Is there a charge to prepare a proposal for the project?

A: No, but there may be a fee if designs are required to develop the project outline.


Q: When can you start my project?

A: We will soft schedule a start date as soon as all contractual agreements are signed and received. Once drawings are completed, permits are issued (if needed) and products are available we will confirm a firm start date.


Q: How do I get started?*

A: Call us, send an email, or fill out our online contact us form. We'll schedule a time that's best for you and come to your home to discuss your project. We usually schedule the first meeting within a week of you contacting us.


Q: Do I need an architect?

A: It depends on the complexity of the project. We have partnerships with some of the areas top firms to make sure your design needs are met.


Q: Do I have to leave my house during the remodeling project?

A: It depends on the project but in most cases the answer is no. Our team of professionals will seal off work areas. In some whole house remodeling projects or other situations we will have to discuss relocation.

Q: Can you do design build?

A: Yes. Through our relationship with this areas top architects we will outline your projects needs, develop a budget and design a project that fits your lifestyle, guaranteeing you that every detail of your wish list is included.

Q: If I already have an architect, can you still build my project?

A: Yes. Through our exact pricing process we can work with your plans. We'll keep communication open with your designer or architect to make sure all of the details are accurate and how they envisioned them.

Q: Is it better to remodel, buy or build a new home?

A: That depends on several factors and can be different for each person.


Q: Do you offer design services?

A: Yes. We have teamed up with some of the areas best known and most skilled designers, architects, and interior designers. With one common goal, to make your project a success.


Q: Can I get proof of insurance?

A: Yes! We will provide you with certificates of general liability insurance coverage and our participation in the state workers compensation fund.


Q: How are my project payments structured?

A: Our system is set up so you can make payments for your project as progress is made. Our contract will spell out the amounts and the project markers that will make each payment due. You will receive an invoice for each draw stating the marker that it coincides with.


Q: How can I avoid change orders?

A: Planning. While being eager to get started is normal, proper planning can eliminate many changes caused by a lack of direction in the beginning. This includes making sure the drawing details are properly completed, product selection and finishes are finalized.


Q: How firm is the price I will be given?

A: Firm. Our fixed price contract is the total price you will be billed.


Q: What is a fixed price contract?

A: This is a price for your project and a set of specifications. If the project is built to the pre-determined specifications you will only be charged the amount of the contract.


Q: Do I have to plan for contingencies?

A: Typically no, but there are the occasional unforeseen hidden details that cause additional cost to the project. An unforeseen is a hidden item that could not be planned for without x-ray vision. Most change orders are generated by the "while you're here" list from clients.


Q: Can you work within my budget?

A: Not always! We will help you establish a realistic budget that you are comfortable with that allows us to complete your project as you had visioned.


Q: Can you help with financing?

A: We do not offer financing, but we do have contacts with some competitive banks and mortgage lenders.

Q: Can I see examples of your work?

A: Yes. Click here to visit our online gallery. We can also arrange an appointment to see a previous clients project.


Q: Can I speak with past clients?

A: Yes. We can provide references that you may contact to discuss our remodeling process and ask how their project went for them upon request.


Q: How much dust can we expect?

A: Depends on the project. But one thing is sure, there will be dust. We will do everything possible to contain dust. A few examples are - Place plastic barriers over adjoining area openings, using dustless sander on large drywall projects to shutting down the fan on the forced air HVAC system. We also clean our work areas regularly and/or daily to help control stirring of dust during work procedures.


Q: We cannot be home each day during the project. How should I grant you access to our home?

A: This is common and we do realize most clients will need to work during our normal business hours (Monday-Thursday, 7:30 am to 6 pm four 10 hr days per weeks, off on Friday). Most clients will allow us access by means of an entry key or access code to their garage door (owner typically disarms their alarm system). We will lock-up each day when we finsih if the client is not home. Some clients will arrange for a house sitter, typically a family member or a good friend.


Q: We only have one bathroom. What can be done to lesson the "out-of-order" burden?

A: First thing is to ask the contractor to reset the toilet each night or as often as possible. Secondly, bathing/shower arrangements will likely need to be made. Bathroom projects can take one to four weeks depending on its complexity, so plan early.


Q: I want to remodel my kitchen. What do I need to consider?

A: Most kitchen projects take 4-6 weeks to complete. You will likely need to eat out often. Arrange a location outside the kitchen for the refrigerator to be placed and setting up a temporary kitchen with a hot plate and microwave to allow light duty cooking.

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